Active UWB Secure RFID

Active UWB Secure RFID/Sensor Solutions for Remote Sensing inside Metallic Containers

Active UWB Secure RFIDATH100, Ultra-wideband active tag-sensor node(s) utilizes ultrawideband
signaling scheme to allow signal propagation in
extremely hostile communications channels such as inside
metallic containers. Additional features include:

  • DSI custom tag controller with interrogator response functionality
  • Interrogation digital interface to physical layer using DSI’s harsh
    environment RF link
  • Microcontroller interface for data porting to laptop PC for GUI
  • PC Windows executable software for data display
Ultra-wideband Walkie-Talkie

Ultra-wideband Walkie-Talkie

Ultra-wideband Walkie-Talkie

  • Reliable high-quality communication in extremely challenging environments such as ships, tunnels, and through high-rises and shafts
  • Specialized secure UWB modulation techniques
  • Low-power and long battery life-time

Ultra-wideband Walkie-Talkie3

Ultra-wideband Walkie-Talkie2

High-Power Pulsers

  • Small (solid-state) low and high power UWB pulsers


  • High PRF


  • All custom designed state-of-the-art RF designs
Ultra-wideband Antennas

Ultra-wideband Antennas

Ultra-wideband Antennas

  • Highly innovation UWB antennas: high-gain and light weight
  • Very large bandwidth of operations
  • High performance phase response

Second- UWB antenna