Core Competencies

DSI has a team of scientists, engineers, and strategic partners to support advanced research and development as well as  commercialization across all stages of the product lifecycle. With core expertise in pulse-based wideband communications and RADAR, as well as advanced signal processing for remote RF powering and power harvesting techniques, DSI has served R&D programs from DOE, NSF, DOD, and DHS involving state-of-the-art technical challenges and innovations in secure communications as well as battery-free tagging and tracking.  

DSI’s wireless communications systems for harsh environments have addressed the existing technological gaps in wireless sensor/video communications for nuclear facilities and IAEA for data transmissions in hostile RF environments including through thick nuclear concrete walls. Similar pulse-based wideband communications have provided novel solutions to ARMY, NAVY, and other government customers.

DSI continues to provide mission-sensitive innovations for reliable wireless communications and tagging/tracking/locating in environments that the conventional wireless communications systems face significant challenges.


Dirac Solutions Capability Statement

Communicate, Track,
Locate in Harsh Environments​

Dirac Solutions Trifold

Wireless Communications and Remote Sensing Through Harsh Environments, Closing the Gap Faced by Conventional Wireless Technologies